Are you a Multitasking addict ?


In this breakneck speed world that many of us live in, we all find ourselves sometimes doing two or three things at once, whether at home or at work. Sometimes our day seems to go so quickly that we don’t have the time to do those chores or things we planned for that day. Multitasking helps doesn’t it ? Making your kids lunch, while eating your own breakfast and listening to your children read to you is not an ideal start to anyones day. But it happens and we manage to cope.

How about those people who in this digital world of ours feel the need to be constantly connected checking emails, text messaging, googling search topics, facts or figures and talking to your friend on your mobile whilst all at the same time. Again, many of us manage to cope. But come on, who are we kidding !  Are we deluding ourselves into thinking we are being efficient ? Can we really fully focus on a multiple of tasks ?

Research suggests that our brains can’t cope, that our brain is only really partially focussed. Multitasking serious tasks like writing, reading, thinking or solving an important problem is therefore harming us. This might be true I hear you say. For example, I don’t remember having my wisdom teeth pulled out by my dentist while he cheered on his favourite football team on the surgery big screen tv. Then again, I was under a general anaesthetic. How would I know ?

Nevertheless, stealing extra time from our busy day by attempting two or more chores at once can’t really be that bad. People often say that women are better at this than men. Recently UK psychologists have “proven that men really are worse at multitasking than women” although it seems it does depend on the task at hand.

I am generally a lets do one thing at a time type of person. I will admit I multi task sometimes, usually checking my phones inbox while vaccuuming the house. Ideally, I would recommend you stick to one task for longer periods rather than flitting back and forth. But that’s just me folks !

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2 replies

  1. I’m definitely a multitasker!

  2. for me its like an addiction!!! 😀

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