Five Favorite Byzantine Emperors: special guest post by Robert Horvat.


This is a guest blog post by Robert Horvat, aficionado of Byzantine history who runs the great blog “If it happened yesterday, it’s history!” Big thanks to Robert for his contributions.

Imagine yourself sitting in a lecture hall with a small body of students studying Roman history and as a whole they are asked to name a few of their favourite emperors. I am sure you would hear cry out names like Augustus, Nero, Caligula and Constantine. Possibly ask the same question of these students to name their favourite Later Roman Empire (Byzantium) emperors and the lecturer may be greeted by a blank stare. “Oh come on, what about Anastasius  and Justinian ?“ the lecturer might yell out. It is easy to struggle with an answer to this question because many people simply are not confident enough to name you a Roman emperor beyond 476 AD. In 476 the…

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