John Lennon was fatally shot by Mark Chapman at the entryway of his  The Dakota home, in New York City, on this day in 1980, just moments after having returned from the Record Plant Studio. He was sadly pronounced dead on arrival to St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospital. (A week earlier I had celebrated my ninth birthday and was given as a gift my first John Lennon album Double Fantasy. I was devastated.)

When the news report went out very late that 8th of December night the world was stunned and shaken. An amazing outpouring of public grief rang out that night and the days that followed. Music fans around the world had lost an incredible talent. I could honestly continue on in this vain of celebrating the man, the myth and his music, but maybe for another day.

I would like to leave the reader with one of my favourite songs from the album Double Fantasy. It is somewhat ironic because it was suppose to be something of a new start or phase in his life with Yoko and his son(s). He apparently looked healthy and happier than ever before. He had found peace and was looking forward to the future. Unfortunately, he left this world in a horrible way. Please enjoy my tribute to John Lennon with his song “(Just like) Starting Over”.



  1. John Lennon was a fascinating man. Tangentially related to this subject is the very interesting history of the Dakota building, which is now most famous for being the place he was assassinated. I might do a blog on it.

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