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This is a small section of the stunning Byzantine mosaic discovered near Aluma, Israel. 

Occasionally I will deviate from the narrative to present you (the reader) something current I have stumbled across in relation to the Byzantine world. Archeological finds are sometimes stumbled across by accident worldwide and near Moshav Aluma in southern Israel over the course of the past few months (reported as early as last week on various media sites), archeologists have unearthed this amazing mosaic. It was discovered ahead of a roads infrastructure project scheduled in southern Israel. The mosaic was part of a Byzantine-era churches nave. The mosaic, the centerpiece of what is believed to be the inside of the Byzantine basilicia, features many exotic animals from birds, zebras, leopards, turtles and wild boar. The area of the mosaic is approximately 22 by 12 metres is a fine example of sixth century Byzantine Church construction. Below are a few related articles on the discovery, which all include an amazing gallery of images. Enjoy!

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