Robert Horvat’s Fab Five : TE Lawrence, a PM, an Honest Man, Schindler & A Jedi

Yesterday Unhinged

This is the second part of my Fab Five series, where I ask other bloggers, writers, podcasters and friends to give their five favorite historical figures. The criteria is up to them…so is the work! First up is Robert, blogger and friend of the site. You can check out Robert’s work on two of my favorite blogs, If It Happened Yesterday, It’s Historyand TheHistory of the Byzantine Empire.

I would firstly like to apologise to my gracious host by saying that I found it really difficult to narrow my initial historical figures list down to five. I had covered one end of history to the other and just simply couldn’t decide. I finally decided to settle on a period in history that was most relevant to me and that has had an effect on my life. My list below could easily be different again tomorrow. At least…

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