Breathing new life into Croatian wine. [Guest post by Robert Horvat.]

croatian wine

By Robert Horvat

The accession of Croatia in the middle of last year was an important step in the integration of the smaller nations of Europe to the European Union. It definitely hasn’t hurt it ability to produce good wines. In fact, EU style regulations has likely improved and guaranteed the quality of wine that larger wineries produce. Even though Croatian wine may be new to world markets in recent years, its history and traditions date back to ancient Greek settlers. The Greeks and later the Romans determined that the geography and climate of what was once known as Illyricum and Dalmatia was rich and favorable for wine growing. Wine growing, in particular, under the Romans grew into an organized industry. Imagine seeing the retired Roman Emperor Diocletian enjoying a beautifully fragrant wine from a region close to his retirement palace in Split–now that would have been a sight !


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