42 Historical Objects, No. 40: the original Macintosh computer. [Guest post by Robert Horvat]



By Robert Horvat

In the middle of 1984, I was getting a tour of my new high school that I would be attending in ’85. It was there that I first got a glimpse of the now famous Macintosh ’84 128K computer. If my memory serves me correctly, the school had just rolled out a school-wide program focused on computer science. I was only but one of hundreds of students who didn’t know how to use one, but was very willing to learn Although I didn’t have the foresight to see that computing was the future, I became an eager participant in ’85. The first thing that surprised to me was the ease of its start up, approximately some twenty seconds for booting. Next, I noticed how friendly the simple graphic user interface allowed us to interact and access folders. Wow, I thought! There is even a trash bin to throw…

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