Earth: Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.22.55 pm

By Robert Horvat

This is the incredibly beautiful Mont Ventoux. It peaks at 1912m and is known as the Giant of Provence. It also has several other nicknames, including one which I like the best “The Bald Mountain.” From this aerial view of the mountain (in the header image) there is an obvious lack of trees or vegetation at its peak. It’s not snow, although in winter it is definitely covered in heavy Alpine snow. A closer look or street view will reveal an almost lunar landscape of white limestone dirt and rock. Why? I am glad you asked.

Mont Ventoux was once lavishly covered in trees, however from the twelfth century onwards it was heavily logged to support the demands for shipbuilding in the naval port of Toulon. Add to that the call for firewood and charcoal by the people of the region and Ventoux over the centuries eventually…

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