Never tell a gentleman he is too old: Ernie Old and his Malvern Star, by Robert Horvat


Cycling History

Today’s post comes courtesy of my friend Robert Horvat, a fellow cycling enthusiast, wine lover, and history buff from Melbourne, Australia. Robert writes two very interesting blogs, the eclectic and thoroughly enjoyable If It Happened Yesterday It’s History, and his site dedicated to The History of the Byzantine Empire. Here he tells us about the inspirational life of Ernie Old, veteran of the Boer War, Gallipoli and the Western Front, and marathon endurance cyclist. Over to you Robert.


On a recent trip up to our nation’s capital, we visited the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. One of the wonderful displays that caught my attention was a 1946 ‘Sid Patterson’ Malvern Star. I love old bicycles and have a few in my own shed gathering cobwebs and dust, but nothing that compares to the story behind this bicycle. In 1956, a gentleman by the name of Ernie…

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