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Liza Anne – Fine But Dying (Arts & Crafts Productions)

What I really like about Liza Anne is how quickly she has evolved as a musician. She has recorded three albums in four years, and according to Anne, she’s well ahead of schedule of where she thought her career would be right now. In that time, she’s taken her love of folk-inspired music and blended into an indie-pop sound with some of the most honest and poetic lyrics for someone so young. At 23, Georgia-based, Elizabeth Anne Odachowski, had for a long time kept in check her panic and anxiety issues. On her first two records she alluded to her own struggles, but here, on Fine But Dying, she outlines her world with thoughtful candor about love and dealing with mental illness. Standouts include a brave look at anxiety on Paranoia and on the aptly titled Panic Attack.

Photo Credit: The album artwork of Fine But Dying is courtesy of Arts & Crafts Productions. I make use of it under the rationale of fair use because no free equivalent seems to exist.  I am not the uploader of the You Tube clip here.

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