Month: June 2018

A selected film-by-film history of Warner Bros. Pictures: The Public Enemy (1931).

It was during the early years of the Great Depression, a time when Americans were cynical and jaded about their […]

History Painting: Battle of Kosovo of 1389 by Adam Stefanović.

There were two significant battles in the Ottoman conquest of the Serbian state in the fourteenth century. The first of […]

Today in History: Birth of Erich Maria Remarque.

On June 22nd, 1898, Erich Maria Remarque was born in the city of Osnabruck, in the federal state of Lower-Saxony, […]

A selected film-by-film history of Warner Bros. Pictures: The Jazz Singer (1927).

It was in the early days of cinema that four brothers, Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner arrived in Hollywood […]

Today in History: The end of the Falklands War.

History tells us that Britain has ruled the Falklands more or less uninterrupted since 1833, and its claims to it […]

Daring to be different: Interview with Imogen Clark.

Imogen Clark just wont sit still! As an eight year old, she took her first cautious steps as a budding […]

Today in History: Indictments put an end to Al Capone and his empire.

On the 12th June 1931, Eliot Ness and his “Untouchables” and the Justice Department, charged notorious gangland chief Al Capone […]

What’s new, right now: ELKI’s new single “Movie”.

Sydney-based songstress ELKI remains an enigma even some eleven months since we last spoke to her. She still continues to […]

Interview with dance pop sensation Nicole Millar.

In five short years, Sydney-based dance pop sensation Nicole Millar’s star has steadily risen. Along the way she has achieved […]

Forgeries, hoaxes and just plain humbug! (Part 2)

Werewolf of France – Jean Garnier (1603). The first serious references of werewolves are often commonly attributed to the Middle […]