Songs about overcoming adversity: ‘Heaven’ by Ivory Layne.

This month I am yet again pleasantly surprised by someone new on my music radar. Her name is Ivory Layne. I don’t know much about her except to say she originally hails from North Carolina and is now based in Nashville. Anyway, the latest Ivory Layne single that seems to have everyone talking at the moment is called Heaven, which has been described by Atwood Magazine as ‘an intimate prayer for strength’. In an exclusive with Atwood, Ivory Lane said the following about Heaven: “Heaven’ was written as a broad-spectrum prayer, something I could sing at any moment to remind myself of a more glorious, large perspective. There have been times in my life when I’ve needed prayer walking through a dark, lonely place — and contrasting moments when I’ve stood in the midst of heady celebration, yet still felt something was missing. This song was designed to be sung in the midst of “I don’t know” and offer words in situations that seem to be without. It is one of my favorite, most therapeutic songs to sing live.”

Here is Ivory Layne’s soulful Heaven, a song not so much about our preoccupation about heaven, but a song that I believe uses heaven as a metaphor in our search for inner strength.  Enjoy!

Photo credit: The header image of Ivory Layne is by Nashville-based photographer Cedrick Jones. Check out his amazing portfolio of work via his website. Click here.

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