Lizzo’s long-awaited new album for Cuz I Love You just might be what the good doctor ordered this week. It’s a celebration of Lizzo’s eclectic strengths in everything from R&B and soul to pop and hip hop (trap). I must admit I’m new to Lizzo but I am already taken by her unapologetic aurora. If you want to get a feel for Cuz I Love You, maybe start with Tempo, which incidentally features Missy Elliot, then circle back to the title track and be ready for your mind to be blown by her amazing soulful voice.


I am a big fan of anything Portland-based singer songwriter Anna Tivel does. In fact I’m hoping to speak with her in the next few weeks about her amazing new release called The Question. We last caught up back in 2017, so I can imagine there will be a lot to chat about. I’m thrilled to see she still finds inspiration in the things around her. The title track on this her fourth studio album stands as my favourite song so far. It questions our preconceptions about religion and identity. Check out her live performance of it here.

Honk has been promoted as a compilation of the Rolling Stones music from 1971 and onwards.  It’s got thirty-six solid tracks, which includes classic like Start Me Up, Angie and Miss You. The back-end of the album includes live performances of the band from around the world. Thrilled to see Wild Horses featuring the amazing Florence Welch makes an appearance. If I’m correct it is from the Rolling Stones concert in London Stadium in 2018. While I still prefer Forty Licks and Grrr! as two of the best Rolling Stones compilations to own, Honk is still worthy of adding to any fan’s collection

Tim Baker, the former frontman of the indie rock band Hey Rosetta, has released his solo debut album this week arguably to no one’s surprise. I don’t say that at all to be contemptuous in tone, it’s just that almost everybody sensed Baker wasn’t finished musically with the demise (on-hiatus) of Hey Rosetta. His wonderful debut Forever Overhead is a blend of piano ballads and folk-rock tracks that capture Baker at his creative best. Standouts include Dance, All Hands and Spirit.


When I found out Bananarama were releasing a new album I wondered whether it would be a nostalgic blast from the past. Maybe wishful thinking on my part? Honestly, I still rate Venus or Cruel Summer as two of the best 80s pop songs ever released. On In Stereo, Bananarama duo, Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, are not going to set the world on fire, but it’s solid enough if you are a fan of club tracks and electropop. Definitely worth a spin.


Sometimes musicians procrastinate about releasing a debut album. They want to be sure they have created something that is worthwhile. Fair enough, right? I get that impression from Jade Bird who first found fame with her folk-tinged single Lottery, which I must confess is still a really cool song. Anyway, after releasing four or five new singles since 2018, Bird it seems finally found the right formula or set of songs that she hoped would win over critics and fans for her self-titled album. What I really like about Bird’s debut is how she combines her confessional-style songwriting with elements of folk, rock and pop. Already I am mesmerised by her anthemic I Get No Joy and Side Effects with its catchy hook and chorus. For someone still so young, she is already a very accomplished songwriter and musician. This is definitely, my pick for album of the week.

Other notable new album releases this week:
Beyonce ‘Homecoming: The Live Album’ (Parkwood/Columbia)
The Vamps ‘Missing You’ (Virgin EMI)
Cage the Elephant ‘Social Cues’ (RCA Records)
Loyle Carner ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ (AMF Records)

Posted by Robert Horvat

Robert Horvat is a Melbourne based blogger. He believes that the world is round and that art is one of our most important treasures. He has seen far too many classic films and believes coffee runs through his veins. As a student of history, he favours ancient and medieval history. Music pretty much rules his life and inspires his moods. Favourite artists include The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Garbage and Lana Del Rey.

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