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Songs about overcoming adversity: ‘Temporary Madness’ by SLO.

UK singer-songwriter Jess Mills aka SLO started her Solace project a few years ago, but before she was able to finish it, her mother Tessa Jowell died from a rare brain cancer. It’s safe to say music took a back seat for a while. But before long she would seek comfort in it. It would ultimately help her cope with her grief and allow her to finish recording Solace, an eleven track album with plenty of highs and lows set against some really cool electro-synth pop sounds and Jess Mills amazing voice. This is definitely an album worth checking out if you like songs that give into an emotional release. This is no more evident than with her single Temporary Madness.

In an interview with the Guardian earlier this year here is a little of what Jess Mills said about what Temporary Madness means to her: “It’s about the miraculous process of healing, from a place of feeling irreparably broken to somehow becoming a functioning human being again.”

Songs key lyrics: Temporary madness / Lives where the love was / And every cell that’s where you were / Still I find the traces / Of you in my heartbeat / But slowly, by some strange design.


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