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On my stereo this week: ‘If I Told’ by Courtney Marie Andrews.

I met and briefly chatted with Courtney Marie Andrews back in late 2018 at one of her acoustic shows here in Melbourne, and was taken aback by her big-heartedness, despite her seemingly shy nature away from the microphone. But I guess that was always expected when standing next to my six foot three inch frame! Anyway, there is really no simple answer as to why I am so mesmerised by Courtney, except maybe to say that, it just might be because of her honesty as a songwriter. For instance, she can easily draw vivid pictures of people and places, making every song she writes a constant and compelling listen. But what draws you into her world more than her stories about humanity, are all the somber and quiet moments about her own life. Like flashes of memories, Courtney sings about her sadness and struggles that we all can relate to. I guess that is why I am excited by the recent announcement of Courtney’s forthcoming new studio album Old Flowers, due out in June, which by all reports is about heartbreak. The first taste of the new album is her lead single called If I Told. It’s a song that circles around the idea of being lost and the curious place she finds herself in the aftermath of a long relationship. Moreover, I cannot help but feel there is also this sense of hope that won’t let her go it alone. If anything, IF I Told is a clear-sighted and balanced composition from currently one of Americana/Country music’s finest songwriters.

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