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On my stereo this week: ‘The In Between’ by Favourite Daughter.

Earlier this year I conducted a feature interview with one of Canada’s rising new stars, Montreal based singer songwriter Julia Kennific. Smitten by her enthusiasm I pledged to keep in touch and keep an eye on her progress. It’s fair to say the appeal and success of her debut single Long Distance opened the door for Kennific to expand her approach of writing simple catchy yet effective suite of indie pop songs. Her follow up single The In Between, stripped of the adrenaline and rush of Long Distance, is surprisingly a deeply personal and utterly beautiful ballad which leans on the vulnerable infectious beauty of Kennifc’s voice.

The song is according to Kennific “…about that space after you meet someone you really like, but before you’ve made things official; the anticipation of happiness, the anxiety of having to stay in the moment, and the fear of being vulnerable with someone new and getting hurt.” 

Interestingly The In Between was written a few weeks after Kennific met her partner. In a compelling insight of the song’s birth Kennific tells us: “I was adamantly single and had every intention to remain that way, but of course love always finds you when you’re not looking, and I found myself terrified at how quickly I was falling for her. I wanted to strip this song back to its bare essentials and make it feel as intimate as possible, so the listener feels like they’re the only person in the room. The In Between is best listened to on your own, lying in bed having an existential crisis about your latest crush, or slow dancing with the person you love in the kitchen after dinner.”

Favourite Daughter’s new single The In Between is out now. To listen and grab yourself a copy click HERE.

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