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Robert Horvat is a Melbourne based blogger. He believes that the world is round and that art is one of our most important treasures. He has seen far too many classic films and believes coffee runs through his veins. As a student of history, he favours ancient and medieval history. Music pretty much rules his life and inspires his moods. Favourite artists include The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Garbage and Lana Del Rey.

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.21 Colossus of Constantine, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome, Italy.

It’s probably very easy to say that Constantine appearance on the Roman landscape was a game changer. But it is […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.20 Limburg Staurotheke, cathedral treasury of Limburg an der Lahn, Germany.

A reliquary is basically an impressive case or container in which fragments of the True Cross were kept. The Limburg […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 19 Codex Sinaiticus, mid 4th century, British Library, London, United Kingdom.

The invention of the codex, a series of pages bound down one side, not only replaced the scroll, but created […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 13-18.

No.13: The city-fortress of Dara (Anastasiopolois), Mesopotamia, 6th century. The city-fortress of Dara, was built by Emperor Anastasius, at the […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.11 Mosaic of Theodore Metochites, Chora monastery, Constantinople (Istanbul).

The monastery of the Christ Chora is considered to be one of the most beautiful surviving Byzantine churches to have […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.10 The Procession of Female Martyrs, Basilica of San Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna.

During the time of the Byzantine reconquest of the sixth century, General Belisarius made the city of Ravenna the capital […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.9 Gold hyperpyron of Alexius I, probably minted 1092-1118, Thessalonica.

It is an astonishing feat to imagine that the gold coin created by Constantine in the early fourth century, known […]

‘Rider on the Storm’ no more.

When you think of great front-men of rock history, Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury, Eddie Vedder and Michael Hutchene, all instantly […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 4-8.

No.4: Icon of the Archangel Gabriel, St Catherine Monastery, Sinai Egypt, 13th century. A very fine treasure, housed in the […]