Constantine The Great

Constantine The Builder!

Painting showing a cutaway view of Constantine’s Old St.Peter’s Basilica as it possibly looked in the fourth century.  In our modern age, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other leaders who serve in political office often hope that they leave behind an… Read More ›

Saint or Sinner?

Constantine, without a doubt in my humble opinion, was a very strange man. Don’t get me wrong, he was an extremely able and talented soldier, administrator, and emperor. But for all his achievements- whether political and religious, his completion of… Read More ›

The Nicene Creed

After the whole assembly of Bishops were seated at the first council (of Nicaea) Constantine advised them that he wanted to resolve the issue of the relationship between father and son. He stressed the importance of unity on the matter at… Read More ›

The Council of Nicaea.

Just as Constantine had consolidated his power, and the Empire had come together politically, a new deadly heresy threatened to permanently rip it all apart. Once Constantine had defeated Licinius in 324, there was nothing really stopping him now from… Read More ›