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Nebuchadnezzar’s Etemenanki ziggurat (Tower of Babel).

Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 BC) was a king of the short lived Neo Babylonian Empire in Mesopotamia (the region that roughly […]

The Promise of Immortal Life?

The elixir of life, according to mythology, if consumed will bring its bearer the promise of immortal life. The substance […]

The Dance of Death (a brief history of…)

Many amazing works of art have been found painted on the outside walls of cloisters, of family vaults, of ossuaries […]

The Legend of the “Eye” Part 5

  Featuring an all seeing eye in its imagery ,this is the occultist and magician Eliphas Levi’s pentagram, which he […]

The Legend of the “Eye” Part 4

  The Hamsa hand. An Amulet against the ‘evil eye’. There are a many number of versions of the all […]

The Legend of the “Eye” Part 3

The Masonic eye of Providence has a semi circular glory below the eye. Sometimes the eye is enclosed in a […]

The Churning of the Ocean of Milk.

Every culture around the world has its own version or legend of the origin of the species. Most of us […]

The Legend of the “Eye” Part 2

Christian version of the Eye of Providence or the all seeing eye.  It is clear that we make symbols, like […]

The Legend of the “Eye” Part 1

The all-seeing eye is an ancient symbol that today has found itself on everything from the US one dollar bill […]

Careful what you wish for from the Reliquary Statue of St.Foy

St.Foy, also known as St.Faith, was martyred in 303 during the last great persecutions of Christians in the town of […]