Category: Past and Present

Past and Present: The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas.

  Past The site of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio helped give birth to Texas. Originally it was known […]

Past and Present: Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia.

Past In the 1920’s Flinders Street Station claimed to be the world’s busiest train station. To be able to boast such a […]

Past and Present: The Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul.

Past Life on the Bosphorus, as we know it today, with its bustling urban centres, was non-existent during the Roman/Byzantine […]

Past and Present: The Grand Place, Mons, Belgium.

  Past The Belgian site of Mons has a long and illustrious past going back to Neolithic times. The Romans […]

The New Bridge: Le Pont Neuf, Paris.

The King of France Henry II was asked by Parisians to build a new bridge across the expanse of the […]

Pompeii’s controversial amphitheatre

In an article I wrote towards the end of last year on the lost cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, I […]