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Cinemas Greatest Scenes: “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!”

The heyday of gangster movies in the 1930s brought the best out of all the studios big stars and the […]

Strangers On A Train (1951): Not Just Another Hitchcock Venture.

At the end of his illustrious career, Alfred Hitchcock, had directed over 50 feature films. It’s truly an astonishing achievement […]

Cinemas Greatest Scenes: Alfred Hitchcock’s merry-go-round from hell!

A study and appreciation of Alfred Hitchcock’s work has been the subject of film school students and film enthusiasts for […]

The Big Sleep (1946): A Tangled Web Of Intrigue.

Director Howard Hawks’ The Big Sleep is one of the greatest noir films ever made. It came at a time in […]

What makes Mildred Pierce a great film noir? Joan Crawford, of course!

Up until about a year ago, I had never seen a Joan Crawford film. Probably an astonishing remark for someone […]

Jezebel (1938):Warner Brothers Very Own Antebellum Period Drama.

One of Warner studio’s most celebrated actresses in the 1930s was a defiant and feisty young woman named Bette Davis. […]

42nd Street (1933): The Musical That Doesn’t Miss a Step.

Samantha Pinter-Thompson wrote a featured article a few years ago on musical theatre. One of the things she said that […]

The Public Enemy (1931): The film that made James Cagney a star.

It was during the early years of the Great Depression, a time when Americans were cynical and jaded about their […]

The Jazz Singer (1927): “You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet.”

It was in the early days of cinema that four brothers, Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner arrived in Hollywood […]

Humphrey Bogart: The man, the legend and the falcon.

I have enjoyed watching classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood for a long time now, often at a […]