Masterclass in Byzantine Mosaics (Part 1)

Who would have thought that a tiny small square piece of stone, glass or pottery called tesserae would have such […]

The Great Persecution

The first truly organised persecution of Christians came after the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD under the Emperor […]

Sipping the South: A brief history of South American Wine.

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By Robert Horvat Recently a good friend of mine presented me with a bottle of Malbec…

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 3 The Aqueduct of Valens.

In modern Istanbul, standing impressively over the traffic on the busy Atatürk Bulvarı is the Aqueduct of Valens. (Today it […]

Emperor Valens: A reign under siege!

Valens was beset by serious problems from the moment he was first appointed by his older brother Valentinian, to rule […]

A conversation with Byzantine luminary Averil Cameron.

Averil Cameron is one of the leading English-speaking scholars of late antiquity and Byzantium. She has made Byzantium, in particular, […]

Five important history books of 2015.

I am usually not one to review books here, but I cannot let the year slip by without mentioning some […]

The Nativity of Jesus in Byzantine art.

There is no doubt that the Christ Pantocrator, Marian art and the passion of Christ are some of the most […]

Celebrating Christ: Where was Jesus born?

In this nativity scene by Giotto, Jesus is placed in a manger, underneath a roofed structure set into a rocky […]

The Force Awaits Us!

There has been an awakening! This phrase has been repeatedly exercised by fans and the media, over the past year […]