The Chimera

Mythology often dates back to antiquity. That is where my head is often buried, in a book about ancient Rome […]

A history of the First World War: No.4 Austria bombs Belgrade and all hell breaks loose.

“One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans (1888)” –Otto Von […]

History, writing, storytelling, poetry and my conversation with a good friend.

An overwhelming part of our human history is unrecorded. It is quite sketchy for us to know exactly what people […]

A history of the First World War: No.3 The blame game and some thoughts on the July crisis of 1914.

“What decided the German government to prepare for an eventual European War was a crisis that was brewing not in […]

The Tale of Pomona and Vertumnus

The Romans worshipped an innumerable number of gods and goddesses. Many of these were first deities of the Etruscans who […]

A history of the First World War: No.2 Vienna, the scourge of Belgrade/The rise of the assassin/ The aftermath and the anti-Serb riots

Was it coincidental that the young group of Serbian nationalist chose to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the 28th June 1914 […]


The month of July has always been for me about the Tour de France. Every summer millions of people like […]

The 2000 Incident: Tragedy at Roskilde.

The first ever staging of the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand, Demark, was in 1971. It […]