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A short history of Byzantium: No. 24 Brothers in power, migration and pending disaster!

The events of the second half of the fourth century are some of the most dramatic in the annals of […]

A short history of Byzantium: No. 23 Do not forsake us Emperor Jovian: The shameful peace of the year 363 AD.

We first fleetingly hear of Jovian, in Ammianus Marcellinus narrative in the year 361AD just after Constantius’ death. He was […]

A short history of Byzantium: No. 22 The Last Pagan Emperor

Julian is such an interesting character that it is impossible to ignore him, even though some tend to treat him […]

A short history of Byzantium: No. 21 They raised him on their shields in a moment of great happiness and triumph!

The astounding success of Julian’s rise in five short years, from a bookworm to Caesar, was genuinely celebrated by his […]

My Five Favourite Byzantine Emperors

Imagine yourself sitting in a lecture hall with a small body of students studying Roman history and as a whole […]