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Today in History: Justinian I becomes sole emperor of the Byzantine Empire.

The remarkable rise of a peasant boy named Petrus Sabbatius (Justinian I The Great), to the lofty heights of the […]

Today in History: The battle of Varbitza Pass and the death of Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros.

There have been many Byzantine Emperors who had died in battle – Emperors Julian, Valens and famously Constantine XI Palaiologos, […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 61-67.

No.61: Gold Solidus of Constans, probably struck on the occasion of his Quinquennalia, Siscia, circa. 337-40. CE The solidus of […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No.54-57. ‘Magnificent Ivories’.

No.54 Harbaville Triptych, 10th century, Constantinople (Istanbul). This is one of the most richly detailed ivories to come from a […]

Empress Pulcheria: A woman truly ahead of her time.

  One might wonder what the early fifth century Byzantine world would have been like if Aelia Pulcheria was not […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 43-47.

No.43: Imperial gold coin of Emperor Phocas, early 7th century, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey). Like this solidus has two sides, Phocas […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 30-37.

No. 30: Sarcophagus of Constantina, c.354, Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Rome. The gorgeous red porphyry sarcophagus, sculpted from two massive […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 22-27.

No.22: The Palace of the Porphyrogenitus, Constantinople (Istanbul), 13th century. The Palace of the Porphyrogenitus, also known by its Turkish […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 13-18.

No.13: The city-fortress of Dara (Anastasiopolois), Mesopotamia, 6th century. The city-fortress of Dara, was built by Emperor Anastasius, at the […]

501 Treasures of Byzantium: No. 4-8.

No.4: Icon of the Archangel Gabriel, St Catherine Monastery, Sinai Egypt, 13th century. A very fine treasure, housed in the […]