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Empress Pulcheria: A woman truly ahead of her time.

One might wonder what the early fifth century Byzantine world would have been like if Aelia Pulcheria was not around […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Dame Nellie Melba

The incredible Nellie Melba was a woman truly ahead of her time. She ignored society’s views of a woman’s place […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Claudia Cardinale

Foreign films are a guilty pleasure in my household. Among them are some of the greats Ameile, Cinema Paradiso, 8 […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Joan of Arc: The Maid of Orleans.

Joan of Arc, wearing a breastplate and brandishing her banner, rode at the head of the uncrowned Charles VII’s army […]

Much ado about Anita Ekberg.

Long before I first really noticed Anita Ekberg through ‘adult eyes’, I saw her in Hollywood or Bust (1956) as […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Sappho, the Greek lyric poet.

One woman, who often stands heads and shoulders above most others in the ancient world was Sappho. Reliable records about […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Zina Nicole Lahr.

It is never fair when you hear stories about the unexpected death of someone, especially someone who is so young. […]

Viva la Trousers Revolution!

The inspiration for the following article came about looking at old b&w photographs of Hollywood starlets. Two actresses in particular […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Ada Lovelace and Elizabeth Montague

Ada Lovelace Everyone has heard of Bill Gates and Steve jobs, right? These two men are modern giants of computer […]

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Anne Frank

International Women’s Day is held every year around the world on the 8th March. Between now and then in anticipation of […]