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Anzac Day, 103 years on, Lest We Forget.

The amazing image above is the last photograph of the Australian Infantry Division’s 11th Battalion before being sent off to the […]

Gallipoli relic of a bygone age.

When the allied forces left the Gallipoli peninsula at the end of December 1915, the horrible deadly campaign left a […]

Past and Present: The Grand Place, Mons, Belgium.

Past The Belgian site of Mons has a long and illustrious past going back to Neolithic times. The Romans under […]

The Christmas Truce of 1914.

As Christmas approached in the year 1914, loved ones back home and the soldiers on the front lines had thought […]

A history of the First World War: No.11 Dreaming of Alsace and Lorraine.

Revenge ! This is what France had envisaged in its war plans from the onset of hostilities when Germany declared […]

A history of the First World War: No. 10 The march through Belgium and German Atrocities !

The first, second and third army group of the German advance through Belgium, swept aside all resistance in August 1914. […]

A history of the First World War: No.8 Der Kriegsherr von 1914 (Part 2 of 2).

Part 2 of Der Kriegsherr von 1914 will continue to look at the warlords or commanders that played a significant […]

A history of the First World War: No.7 Der Kriegsherr von 1914 (Part 1 of 2).

The following article is not about the statesmen of their respective empires like Wilhelm Kaiser of Germany, King George V […]

A history of the First World War: No.6 The War Propaganda Poster.

“Propaganda draws nourishment from the sins of the enemy. If there are no sins, invent them ! The aim is […]

A history of the First World War: No.5 Mobilisation and the groundswell of enthusiasm.

I often wonder if the belligerent powers of the First World War had a magical crystal ball to see into […]